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Whether you're an EMS agency that needs to submit recertification forms or your a preschool that needs to manage teachers and class roles, Actavian keeps your data together and helps you fill out forms in a flash so your team is always on the same page.

Medication Containers
Container NameSeal #Quick Access
Pelican Case 2243902-112Actions
Storage Locker A734566-345Actions
Pelican Case 1223423-234Actions
Lock Box H456245-345Actions
Storage Locker C856785-876Actions
Med Bag 21345522-345Actions
Medication Container Transfer
Jenny Simpson
One-Time Password
Successful Transfer
Jenny Simpson

Your data right where you need it

Autofill forms, track inventories, manage personnel, generate reports, and more. Actavian can handle everything from mission-critical tasks like controlled substance tracking to tuition payments.

Faster, smarter, safer


All of your data is encrypted and HIPAA compliant.


Actavian centralizes your reporting data so you don't need to search through emails and files to fill out forms.


Actavian reduces errors by automatically counting totals and alerting you to incomplete forms.


Make your reports more resilient. If forms are lost or damaged, your data is still secure and can easily be reprinted.


Relax. Actavian alerts you when information needs to be completed.


Your employees can focus on essential work without wasting hours on repetitive tasks.

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